Vision, Mission and Values

Vision, Mission and Values


Throughout our hospital, our vision is clear:

To deliver world-class expertise with premium care and comfort while enhancing our position as a respected, admired, and trusted hospital in Bahrain for women and children.

To provide high-value healthcare and deliver exceptional service and patient safety.

Position ourselves as a model healthcare system that delivers luxurious and practical services.

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Providing holistic care for women and children through an unwavering commitment to patient well-being and by leveraging the latest medical advances

Our Values

Every individual within the RHWC ecosystem follows shared values that guide our consistent expectations of uplifting one another and contributing to the community.

Compassionate Care: We promise to care for you with empathy in everything we do.

Respectful Actions: We promise to treat every individual with respect and dignity.

Safety: We promise to adhere to follow all safety guidelines and protocols in keeping you safe.

Teamwork: We promise to work together with you and always help one another in all kinds of decision-making.

Pillars of Care

Patient Safety
Clinical Outcomes
Education and Training
Patient Experience
Continuum of Care