Specialties | Royal Hospital For Women and Children

The multidisciplinary team in the Pediatric Centre of Excellence is one of the best in Bahrain. They provide compassionate primary child care and treat complex issues from newborn to adolescence. With a team of top multi-specialists, the Pediatric Centre of Excellence puts your child first, providing care and comprehensive services for your children from birth until the age of 18.

  • 24x7 staffed Pediatric ER
  • Outpatient & Inpatient services
  • Developmental Pediatrics
  • Immunization counselling
  • Asthma and Respiratory Disorder management
  • Food Allergies and skin infection
  • Behavioral Disorders such as Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders
  • Nutritional counselling
  • Common and seasonal infection management
  • Seizure and Epilepsy management
  • Evaluation and management of Neuromuscular and Neurogenetic disorders

Team That Cares

Dr. Haytham Al Khawaja

Consultant - Paediatrics and Neonatology

Dr. Marcela Espinola

Consultant - Pediatric Allergy And Immunology

Dr. Hussein Ahmed

Consultant - Pediatric And Neonatal Surgery

Dr. Lina Faisal Alali

Specialist Pediatric

Dr. Maha Atwa

Specialist Paediatrics

Dr. Bassem Salim

Consultant - Pediatrics & Neonatology

Dr. Ahmed Elmetwally

Specialist - Pediatrics

Dr. Ahmed Fawzy Elbehery

Specialist - Pediatrics