Specialties | Royal Hospital For Women and Children
  • Pediatric Orthopedic Care -- Non-surgical and surgical care for spinal disorders, neuromuscular conditions, trauma, growth plate disturbances and benign bone tumors
  • Hip -- Full range of hip care for children and adults including trauma management and surgical care e.g. DHS and Hemiarthroplasty
  • Knee -- Full range of conservative treatment for knee injuries, knee pain and rapid recovery program incl. trauma management
  • Shoulder and Elbow -- Conservative treatment and trauma management
  • Foot and Ankle -- Diagnosis and treatment for foot and ankle problems and injuries from the common to the complex, fracture care.
  • Fractures -- Non-surgical and surgical care for fractures and for broken bones that do not heal (non-unions) or heal incorrectly (malunions)
  • Hand and Wrist - Conservative and surgical treatment for conditions of the hand and wrist e.g. ganglion removal, dupuytren, carpal tunnel syndrome, fracture care.
  • Bone Health and Fragility -- Guidance for improving bone health and treatment for broken bones related to osteoporosis (fragility fractures)
  • Spine Care -- Conservative and surgical treatments of all spine conditions
  • All Traumas

Team That Cares

Dr. Anastasia Athanasiou

Consultant - Orthopedics Sports and Lifestyle Medicine

Dr. Maik Priester

Consultant - Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Ali Redha Karashi

Consultant - Orthopedics & Trauma